About us?

We are a company with the most innovative and successful technology in the world to offer hydraulic and hydrocarbon engineering solutions to our clients:

Our mission is to support companies and agencies responsible for managing water and hydrocarbon resources to increase their efficiency and profitability, through the application of integral solutions with avant-garde technologies.

  • Vision

    To be a leader and reliable company to provide integral solutions of the sector and industry in general.to learn

  • Mision

    Provide engineering, consulting and maintenance services to the industry in general, to optimize the entire production process.to learn


we design a new pipe over a damaged concrete tube. this method allows to recover the structural conditions of design of the pipe without having to put out of service your system, and without having to do the replacement of pipe.

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Experience in the installation of pipes of large diameters of any material, for which we combine diverse disciplines simultaneously, ensuring to have the best quality, safety and reliability.

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We have everything you need for your system, ask about our steel pipe options and accessories that we have available for you. We adhere to any type of international standard (AWWA, DIN, EN, etc.)

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We offer all types of tanks for drinking water supply applications, mainly steel-fused glass tanks and / or fused epoxy coating tanks for industrial, mining, municipal, etc. applications. Contact us for our available options.

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